acrylic on linen
40" x 30"

The Bra Show

Getting invited to participate in Y-Art’s “Bra Show” has been a real thrill. The exhibition is a who’s who in the Baltimore art scene, from performance artist Laura Dragoul, to looming characters like painter Raoul Middleman. The show’s subject offers plenty of opportunity for Baltimore’s irreverent quirkiness to shine through.

I must confess that ’ve been slow to pick up a brush recently. Having narrow parameters to work within was a great way to reenter the studio. I’ve been cataloging and contemplating my work. Revisiting pieces from years ago, unraveling shifts in style and approach. I’ve always been interested in narrative. So for the “Bra Show” I focused on using a discarded bra to tell a story. Putting the bra up a tree sets up potential narratives. Was it flung up there in a moment of passion, during a dash to a swimming hole, or is something more sinister happening. The story is in the telling.

There have been times when I marked time with paint application. Obsessive mark making created a tense narrative voice. These days immediacy is the goal, mark making as an effortless performance. The linen is primed with rabbit skin glue to alow the surface show through. Unfortunately, the background in “dip” had to be reworked to make it look more immediate. The tree, however, came together quickly, providing a second strong primary character. 

The painting is still new to me. Sometimes I feel pleased. I’m curious to see the work in the context of the group show. And I’m looking forward to see artists I have't seen in a while put their work forward. 

The reception for the Bra Show at Y-Art is Saturday June 30 from 6 - 9:00 PM. There's more information on the Y-Art website